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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Fao: Golfers

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I got fitted for a new R11 this morning by the TaylorMade folk


Prefer the SuperFast 2.0 myself. Although they are both beautiful, it's the white finish that does it.


Can't quite bring myself to fork out that much money though. How much with the custom fitting?

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ffs, its a golf stick


i remember being dead excited when i got my slazenger v12 cricket bat


i was 15, mind

It's for folk that get outdoors and do sport, not for sad fuckers who spend all day everyday on the web cassie, you wouldn't understand ;-)

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north manchester is home to good number of 50 something ex pros from city and united


i'm told the best two courses that side of manc are heaton park and stand


Heaton Park has that killer 17th heart attack hill for that reason once or twice a year that place will do :D


Brackley is that the one t'other side of the m-way from Farnworth and Great Lever. gravel in the bunkers?!!

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we trip around saturday mornings between


Charnock Richard

Hart Common

Haigh Hall


Duxbury Park (Chorley)


Great Lever are offering midweek rounds from ?12,if you can get midweek days off.


Duxbury is a good un, played there a few times. Haigh hall pretty good too.

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