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Insurance for clubs and balls?!


Do you mean getting them stolen? If so, then if it's from home or your car the relevant policies may cover it


I get "golfers" insurance as part of my club membership package, but that's not for clubs and balls as far as I'm aware

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Thought id better put clubs and balls before I got advice about a VW Golf.


Looking for insurance to cover public liability, dental treatment etc.


Read some bad reviews of certain insurers when it came to claiming though.

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Insurance like this - http://www.golfplan.co.uk/premiums_and_policy_options.asp


Read mixed reviews on different insurers.

How?? Because you went from golf clubs to dental stuff you mentalist


Golfplan is what we get with club membership


If I didn't, I wouldn't pay for it


As I said, club theft is covered elsewhere quite easily and otherwise it's as Traf said

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