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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Next Seasons First Eleven


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Im sure a few teams will have a look down the back of the couch for a bit of loose change to take Holden and LCY of our hands. They will only have 12months left on their contracts in the summer.


my team for next season




Riley Knight ? Alonso


Mears Pratley Vela Eagles


Eaves SKD

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Call me crazy but I'm interested to see who we'd keep and how theyd do in the championship.


it's horrible, but I've kinda accepted out fate now.


If we go down, skd will play another season as 1st choice IMO

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smiley smiffs birch-chorley jules darby







djorkaeff gumbo bobcat no balls





brixton fenny







manager: andybwfc





that team would be better than the bag of shit we currently have and get us straight back up

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If Coyle is still manager, then it'll be 4-4-2 for a start.


All big-wage players will be unloaded one way or another ...... presumably that would be nearly all those out of contract plus any saleable ones, since they were all signed as Prem players on Prem (by our standards) wages.


I would suggest that relegation means a big clear-out and a big re-build on lower wages. I doubt ED will be in the mood for a spending-spree to try a bounce-back promotion when the club's debts have gone up by about ?7m a season in the Prem.


It's not going to be pretty, is my guess. More like hold-onto-your-seats time.

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where i'm coming from is that knight was signed after the sky money increase


he had a contract at villa who had paid big money for him


isn't our wage bill about 60 million?


thats 60 folk on 20k a week


or 20 on 60


i'd guess the stump is somewhere in the middle

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