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My Hatred Of Liverpool Fc


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i am not in the slightest bit bother by the scallies ..or the mancs



What does get on my nerves is the "it wasnt us","justice for this", "pick on us", "woe is me poor us " fucking attitude the fucking lot of them need to take ownership of what has gone and what is comming and get the fuck on with it!!!!!!!!! cunt .i need to lay down in a darkend room now ...twats !

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Thank God for Colonel Mustard. I thought I had entered a parallel universe for a moment. Bolton fans hating Liverpool more than the DMB's? Your forefathers would be turning in their graves.


I don't like the scousers either (red or blue) but, compared the the cancer that is Manchester United, they are both just pimples on the arse.


One is a serial sympathy seeker, the other a delusional little neighbour wracked with jealousy. I would rather either won the PL title for the next 50 years than the filth from down the road.


I agree with you there skippy.


The only people worth hating are United.


Its only on here that people hate Liverpool with a passion.


Average man in the Bolton street couldnt give two shits about Liverpool.

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Surely no Bolton fan should ever utter them words?


Beats me Francis. My father and grandfather would have at least bruised me if I had uttered them.


Seems there are plenty of our fans who need to revisit our clubs history. Liverpool don't even register on the hate scale by comparison.


Remember Casino is from Bury. Scum hotbed.

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Indeed. For anyone to try justifying Suarez.'s actions says a lot about him and his club.

I think the whole point of the hand shake prior to premier league games was to promote respect for each other. That worked then.

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