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must think our fans are a set of twats (either us or the management)


she sounds genuinely bothered about the result too (not)


emma davies ? @emmadavies1968

@Kelly_O_Donnell oh dear. such a shame. At least SKD can't get the blame today.


Nitpicking at quotes from players wives. Is this how far some people have lowerd themselves?

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Didn't bother reading what she wrote but an employees wife shouldn't be commenting on social networking sites about her husbands workplace.


Being a wag only makes is worse.




is a sackable offence for employees in our pegs company.


one lass got the boot here for slagging the place on facbook....

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She's now beginning to seriously piss me off on twatter with constant self promotions of her new venture.

Me thinks an unfollow is on the cards for many followers.

I used to follow her, but stopped as soon as she started papping on about selling necklaces and bangles etc (which I presume is her own business)

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