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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Cheltenham Naps Comp - (Day 4 Fri)


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They can all fuck off. I hope they all fall over and crush them conniving, cheating, snidey, thieving, pikey little toadstool botherers that are top of them.




I'll post mine tomorrow. I'm still smarting yet.

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1.30: Hollow Tree: 7.5pts E/W

2.05: Raya Star: 10pts E/W

2.40: Brindisi Breeze: 10pts E/W (NAP)

3.20: Quel Esprit Burton Port : 5pts E/W (I just hope that odious Waley-Cohen wanker falls off)

4.00: Bradley: 5pts E/W

4.40: Molotof: 7.5pts E/W

5.15: French Opera: 5pts E/W


I can see me having either a very good day or an absolute wipeout!


Everyone raves about Cheltenham, I fucking hate the place. Send me to some small provincial track for some run of the mill Class 4 handicaps instead! :D

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1.30 pearl swan 10 pnt win

2.05 citizenship 10 pnt win

2.40 Boston bob 10 pnt win

3.20 long run 50 pnt win

4.00 cloudy lane 5 pnt win

4.40 Bourne 5 pnt win

5.15 astracad 10 pnt win


As they take the final turn there is nothing to split them


Based on your picks compared to mine: I reckon you're the winner.

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Please find below today's magnificent fucking 7 shower of shit:


1.30 Grumeti - 10pts WIN

2.05 Olofi - 10pts WIN

2.40 Boston Bob - 30pts (NAP)

3.20 Kauto Star - 20pts WIN

4.00 Enter Paradise - 5pts EW

4.40 Molotof - 5pts EW

5.15 Idarah - 5pts EW

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