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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

This Weather.....


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Ooh look at me, look at me - I go swimming in a weed strewn pond and pay £6000 a month to pay off some slum lord's mortgage. I have to drive everywhere because a cab or an über costs ten quid a mile, and I shop solely at a corner shop because there's no proper shops. I go to open mic nights in Brixton, I spend four hours on the tube daily, I associate with trustafarian smack heads who claim to be 'artists', my perfect Sunday is going to a so-called 'farmers market' and pay thirty quid for a string of garlic and sausages bought by the stallholders for three quid from Lidl then wrapped in brown paper from Pound land, I go to 'silent discos', I wear New Balance with skinny jeans an ironic t-shirt and suit jacket and a bobble in my hair, I cross the road if a group of black youths are going to cross my path. You ironically eat pie, mash and liquor. You think eight quid is reasonable for a pint, and twenty five quid is OK for a ticket to the non-hipster (who screen Jaws and It's a Wonderful Life) contemporary pictures.




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5 minutes ago, Tonge moor green jacket said:

Linked to the green thread, but we're getting some rain. 

More tomorrow and humid too.

Lovely when it's warm and raining- so long as it's not too often.

Its been like that all day here, clear sunshine now.

Highs of 24/25 tomorrow here - think its work outside weather



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1 minute ago, bolton_blondie said:

Christ I'm sweating my tits off. Might take the fluffy dressing gown off. Might do, but I won't. 

They’ll throw you out of the village if you do

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5 minutes ago, bolton_blondie said:

Christ I'm sweating my tits off. Might take the fluffy dressing gown off. Might do, but I won't. 

You’d look like an outsider if you nipped to Tesco without a dressing gown on.

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4 hours ago, gonzo said:

Have a watch of Al Jazeera TV in the afternoon/evening. They cover global warming effects/whether across the world.

Absolutely sobering beyond anything shown on our news channels.

From droughts and sandstorms to intensive flooding, the world's having it pretty bad.

Spain with temps way above where it should be, perma frost disappearing in Canada and Russia, the list is endless.

Chuck in grain shortage thanks to Russia, and there's a chance of one unholy shitstorm of human misery not far round the corner.

On the other hand the grass is lush and my veggies are doing well.

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2 hours ago, bolton_blondie said:

Went in a patients house today. Heating on and gas fire blaring away. Never mind a uniform they need to issue NHS bikinis. Sweat box it was.

Never mind the driving course, you should go on a home economy course. 
Hottest day of the year today allegedly. 
Seriously, if people need to put the heating on now, they need other types of help. 

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