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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

This Weather.....


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8 hours ago, Zico said:

This is fucking hot, even if it were July I'd be amazed at how hot it is 

Car says 29.5 

Everytime I go outside I feel like I'm going to wilt 

Took the kids to the cinema this afternoon (air conditioned activity). Left the car in the car park and it was reading 40c when I got back in.

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2 hours ago, bolty58 said:

Nice to see you getting some decent weather lads. Received a photo of some bloke on a pushbike turning off CNR on to Moss Bank Way. Bollock naked.

CNR and Miss Bank Way don’t share a junction.

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9 hours ago, fatolive said:

Quite a lightning show over Breightmet now, no thunder though, maybe the heat is going to break 

What we were witnessing was a tremendous storm over West Yorkshire!

Similar to one over Liverpool Bay a couple of years back.

A really clear sky over here allowed for sighting of the lightning high up, that far away, even accounting for the hills. 

We were watching lightning maps and each flash was followed moments later by a ping on the website. Typically around Wakefield area.

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4 hours ago, MickyD said:

CNR and Miss Bank Way don’t share a junction.

Fuck me gently. It seems we have a number of Early Doors Eddies on here.

You all knew what I meant though. Good enough for me.

As an aside, missed an earthquake in Morocco by a few days! Safe to say the the hotel purchase I had a small bit to play in is now off! Got over here and they didn't feel a thing. I am looking across at the Atlas Mountains as I type.

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