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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021



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Around 250 there.


One positive, eagles looked very good when he came on.


The rest well it wasn't good.


Pratley had a one on one where my 7yo daughter would have scored and it went 2 foot wide....


One of the few chances....


Coyle was just stood there with his arms folded for 90 mins.


The guy is clueless

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Some of you need to start shaking your head violently from side to side or start posting on the wanderer. These comments on pre season games make me piss


well you are a very small minded individual with little intellect so no surprise

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Pre-season's about getting the players match fit and getting some teamwork going. Hamilton start their season next Saturday, we start in 4 weeks. Sordell and (apparently) N'gog aren't available. It was just a pre-season friendly with loads of subs on both sides. Andrews & Vela looked OK in midfield; Petrov, CYL & Eagles looked lively; Alonso & Mears made some good attacking runs; Bogdan and Lonergan looked good (and needed to, at times). Erm, I think I've run out of 'positives'.


On the other hand, the players won't get match fit or improve their teamwork if they continue to wander around looking lost. Playing Mark Davies as a deep-lying midfielder won't work. We should be seeing some signs of last season's errors being ironed out. Too much 'after you, Claud' in defense. We'll need more physical presence in the Championship than this. Taking everything into account, I'm not impressed. Let's see how the next 4 weeks work out. Far too soon to shout 'we're doomed'.

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