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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Cardiff 1 Wanderers 1


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Get in at 8:30


staying in travel lodge


back at 6pm and then straight to stanstead


Sunday morning to San Sebastian for Sociedad v Valencia


Back Monday


I feel like Jazza



I'm sure that can be arranged. He's queen of the south y'know.

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Guest bwfcdan

Nearly had a disaster but just managed to make my train as it was leaving


No time gor beverages though and the trains rammed


Gonna be a long journey


Will be worth it though mate come tomorrow evening :good:

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Nothing is ever easy


Travel lodge has flooded 'apparently' so theres no room at the in


Marriot was fully boomed


Radison only had business class so had to take that


Some fatty is getting lucky tonight

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If you get to a hotel and find the room is unavailable for any reason, you should give the company you have the contract with the chance to put things right and offer you alternative accommodation, said McCarthy. 'If no alternative is offered, or the alternative isn't comparable then you could pay for alternative accommodation and claim the cost back when you get home.'

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