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In fact...  

is that the racist in you again?

Put your tampon back in you soft Irish wazzock

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2 hours ago, Winchester White said:

I'd love Fury to win by KO. I used to think he was a gobby pikey fat cunt but having seen a fair few interviews as well as bits of his tv programme I have changed my mind. He is a gobby pikey fella who has battled his demons and talkes a lot of sense on the subject.

His missus is as rough as a badgers.

Agree with first para

His Mrs, not sure rough is fair

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7 hours ago, royal white said:

Both a lot heavier second time round 

If he had that weight behind him in the first fight Fury wouldn’t have got up.

You gotta think he would have lost maybe 8-10 lbs between last weigh in to the 12th round, that would have put him at cruiserweight class . 

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27 minutes ago, Lt. Aldo Raine said:

Whatever happens, I hope that cut Fury has plays no part in the fight. It'd be shit if that ended it after all the hype.

If it doesn't, then I've got a sneaking suspicion Fury wins it through sheer force of will.

Got the best man in the business in his corner for cuts.

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