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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Official Boxing Thread...


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27 minutes ago, kent_white said:

He's just turned into a really unlikeable man for me. I'm not sure he knows which version of himself he wants to be. Massive fight this for him tonight.....

His behaviour after the Usyk fight was particularly fucking embarrassing.

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Not much of a boxing fan anymore , but a big Olympics fan so I tend to follow the amateur game and how they progress.

I followed brits like Honeyghan , McKenzie, Conteh, Benn, Eubank and Bruno.

I still think Bruno had the best physique I have ever seen.

then I started following the likes of Holyfield and Lennox Lewis . I like AJ but is there anyone who could , including fury that could live with either of those two ? 

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8 hours ago, deeane Koontz said:

Looked like he was about business tonight Joshua. I'll take this version

He looked great. Really sharp and bang at it.

Thats what we want.

Wilder looked bloody awful, looked like a fight on Bradshawgate at time and his legs are made of shoe laces.

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Was never much of a AJ fan because the whole thing came across like a fake and overly manufactured hype circus. I'll take a more petty and less accommodating version who just steamrolls boxers. Just no repeats of what happened after the Usyk fight!

Hopefully he doesn't change trainers. Seemed relaxed and sure of himself for once.

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Just caught up with yon fella taking apart Callum Smith. 

Bivol next for him surely.

Fuck knows where Smith goes from here but find it mad how little coverage he gets over here.


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according to Johnny Nelson, fury has been shite in camp, getting turned over by sparring partners etc 

now this big cut has emerged 

and he was crap against ngannou 

wonder if we see him again

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