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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021



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Things that annoy you beyond reason. No. 71. FLATDICKS TENNIS.

Why ? There really is no need for all this screaming & groaning other than putting off your opponent. It's ungentlemanly, undignified and damn well out of order. Burn the bitches involved, and we know the ones I'm talking about, for they are not of this world.

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Fair play to Nadal.  In his post-match conference he refused to answer any questions about his knee as he said it would be unfair to detract from his opponent's excellent display.


Tennis is all a bit biz really though.  I'll only watch it if I'm already home and our Andy is playing.

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Murray could only have  played Nadal in the last 4 that would have been next week not this week.Wimbledon takes place over two weeks.Big tennis fans know these things.

You strike me as a big tennis fan.


Wink wink.

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