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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Forest 3 Bolton 0


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I think Ngog has quality


CYL is a very weak link at the moment and obviously the CB's

Cyl has quality.


Even today, some of his touches were above the capability of anyone else of the pitch.


The problem is those touches don't influence the game anywhere near enough.




It's just a matter of time IMO.

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We are shit and we know we are.

But I still believe the squad has potential and DF is a good manager and we need to get right balance. Need to sort out centre back problem asap and goal scoring. With Knight/Wheater pairing we will always concede and we need to get Beckford scoring.

Happy with our centre mids and full backs.

We will do QPR next week.

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DF could play any combination of the four CBs we have and we'd concede in shedloads. Beyond belief that faith's being put in Knight again, Wheater's slower than before his injury, Ream's too lightweight for this league and Mills is just a clogger. It was enough of a problem for DF to rush out and get Dawson, should have been number 1 priority for this season. If you don't have a solid base of keeper and two CBs in this or any league you'll go knowhere. Rest of this transfer window to sort it or be miles off the pace again by the time the next one opens

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Guest bwfcdan

Bus from Nottingham to Derby. Train from Derby to Sheffield. Train from Sheffield to Manchester. Train from Manchester to Preston.


Fucking depressed.



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We just cant go on with the CB's available at the club - If Dougie does not strengthen here then we will struggle and be mid table at the best


We aren't good enough right through the centre of the team.Even Medo/Spearing isn't a good enough central midfield.

The biggest problem is central defence then not having a good enough striker though.Knight should have been paid to leave like Shittu not made the captain.

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Miles and miles off promotion


Need a defender and a striker that are better than what we already have if we are to get anywhere near!!




good job we enjoy this Division

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I only listened to the game today, and only half-assed at that since it sounded dreadful. Generally speaking though, Wheater scares me more than Knight. I actually think Knight can be a decent defender with a decent defender beside him (a la Cahill or Dawson).


Sounded like Forest were quite a solid team tbf, not surprised CYL had a quiet game. We had no chance once Pratley was sent off (and it seemed like it was for talking back to the ref, which always irks me about "professionals").

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