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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021



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For a first match together not a bad performance albeit in a 10-7 defeat. scores were level at 5-5 at half time. The first 5 minutes of the second half was where the game was lost for me,the opposition scored 3 quick goals without reply. Barry the cat was kept busy for that early spell in the second half and possibly a lack of fitness didn't help. I seem to remember the opposition being a team that the original clackervalves played at premier 5s so they are seasoned campaigners. Fenny bagged a hat-trick on his reappearance and the reliable Ryan and Matty put in solid performances, Oli proved difficult for the opposition to pass while newcomers Chris and Swanny had decent debuts.

Team :



Ryan (2)

Matty (1)


Fenny (3)

Chris (1)



Goals are in brackets,though I need players to confirm they are correct.

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It appears Matty is our actual decent footballer.


Fenny still has it.


Pablos a greedy cunt.


Ryans still solid as ever.


Swanny and Oli weren't as bad as I imagined they would be :thumbsup: .


CSW was solid.


First time I have seen people arguing about who is coming off.

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