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7000 Away Fans In Div 1

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I'll hold my hands up and say 'boro is miles from me and as part of deal for mates coming to Reading away I've said I'll go to MK Dons v Coventry on Saturday.  Mates a Cov lad.


Coventry have sold nearly 7,000 tickets for the game which is pretty good saying they get less than 2,000 at home.


Excluding Wembley / Millenium when was last time we took that number away?



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a lot of their fans said at the start of the season they will boycott Northampton, and do aways instead, so it's no surprise really.


and before anyone else says it.....cobblers



Still don't get their nickname being 'The Cobblers'. Northampton is a shoe making town not a town of repairers. They should be "The Cordwainers".


Oh, and I just had a flashback to beating them at Burnden in the FA Cup on a snowy day. Paul Fletcher scored one and I think Greavo got the other? Can't remember if it finished 2-0 or 2-1 but I know we won. They played in a maroon coloured version of the Arsenal shirt. Must have been late 60's/early 70's.

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Cant beat a huge away following.

I know you want a bite but I disagree.


I don't like it when we take 3-4k to Blackburn, all the lads are spread about, you don't see the regulars you have a laugh with and there's about 6 songs starting all at once.


Give me a 1000 strong away following of regular lads any day of the week.

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