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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Official Rugby League Thread

Pie Eater

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3 hours ago, Mounts Kipper said:

Tragic they lost station road, I’ve a soft spot for Swinton having gone to school in Wardley where there were plenty of Swinton fans, watched them couple of seasons back against Leigh, mate of mines good pals with ex coach littler and he came into the box after for a chat and a beer. The Swinton fans were infront of the box and spotted some faces I remember from school. Would be great if they could relocate somewhere in Swinton. 

The dream is to return to Swinton but I don't think it will ever happen, the closest we will get will be Moor Lane (Salford FC when they move to the AJBell) 

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4 minutes ago, glennboltw said:

Bad advert for rugby league that. 

West Wales haven’t had a coach for 6 months and have been telling players they can have a contract and don’t have to train. Don’t think they’ll even complete the season, personally. Weird really because Welsh RL grassroots is the strongest it has been in years. 

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Lovely guy. Used to live down the road from me and would go to the park at 06.30 every morning rain, snow whatever in his shorts and dart about with the ball. His home phone no was one digit away from mine and I used to get calls all times of the day and night from NZ from his pissed up mates. 
RIP Inga 

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Leigh played Widnes midweek in 2006ish having been postponed at the weekend and was a comparatively early kick off compared to these days as I think it was 7.15/7.30. We got the train from Warrington and were a little bit panicky as I think it was only due to arrive after 7pm. We hurriedly got off the train and were walking double pace to make sure we didn't miss kick off. As we hurriedly walked towards the ground, we thought for a moment we actually thought the game had been called off again as Mr Hadfield was walking towards us away from the ground with probably only 10-15 minutes to kick off. He then crossed the road, calm as you like, and wandered straight in to the Horse & Jockey for what we always imagined was the swiftest pint ever supped! Always raised a smile when thinking of that story.

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