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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Captain Cook


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Think Warne was spot on with what he said in the last session of day 4.  He stated what Aussies would do, i.e. declare and stick Sri Lanka in for 10 overs at the end of the day. He then said exactly what Cook would do and what the result will be and it all happened.

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Warne is spot on in his observations re Cook


Did he (cook) put Ballance's 1st  test ton in front of his teams chances of winning the game??? i think he did on day 4 and should have had at least 7 overs at Sri Lanka on the 4th evening. but he waited on for Ballance to score his ton.


The whole set up from the top of the ECB down needs to change and new ways of playing exiting TM cricket. 


We (the english) are in danger of killing test match cricket by slow play and negative tactics.


Personally would like a captain like Clarke (attack minded)where he will dangle the carrot for the other side with his attacking declarations and field positioning.


Cook has the talent and temperament for Test Cricket but he isnt my cup of tea and find him quite boring. 


Sound if your a boring winner but at present we aint even winning boring so he is open to criticism imo

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He may/not have a point, but Warne is an out and cunt, always sniping at the English, can't stop himself; take him off air. Cunt.



spot on


think it was last year that in the end atherton quite clearly thought 'do fcuk off' and just ended a conversation on declarations


all this 'be prepared to lose' bullshit

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Would you class Micheal Vaughan as an attacking Captain?


England played hard attacking cricket under Vaughan imo and id like to see a return to that way of thinking.


No issue with Cook the player, Hes a class act and will easily become England All tine leading Test Match run scorer. He has piled runs on here and abroad.

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just had a look for vaughans stats as captain


all but identical to strauss


aye, strauss who warne also kept having a go at for being negative







just looked and cook has won 9 of 22, despite having not won for 6

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145 fcuking tests


how many did he captain


less than shane watson, thats how many

Of course he didn't captain very many you great majnoon, why would he in the era of Taylor, Waugh and Ponting? And vice captain to all three, incidentally. He knows whereof he speaks, and he's right about Cook, who is rubbish and what's more is becoming a batting liability too. A replacement captain should be identified by the winter.

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