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Been renting a flat out for years but the lad dropped dead from a heart attack aged 40 a couple of weeks back.


Decided best option was to ditch all the furnishing and sell up, so got a big van and in it all went.


Got down the tip with the proof of ID only to be told that as it came from a rented flat it was commercial waste, I had to go over the weigh bridge and pay £130 per tonne,  Tried to explain that it was my stuff but to no avail.  Off I went only to be told I couldn't get in with a hard hat, hard shoes and a hi vis of which I had nothing, so drove off.


What's that all about?  Commercial waste?  Some bird even told me I was breaking the law by transporting commercial waste without a licence.


God rid in the end .......... just drove to the next nearest tip and lied to give the right answers.

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Miami is your man!




Tips are a fucking joke. Could do with removing a pile of shite furniture the previous tenant left in our flat and the landlord didn't have the good grace to tip.


Council free large removals terms and conditions mean you might as well fucking keep the bastard. Can't wait to move and leave this shit behind!

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Youri's yer man

I don't salvage shite, cheek. :)


Speaking of chucking good stuff away, I noticed a skipful of Celotex offcuts down near the Units near the footbridge from Lever Street to Manny Road - all decent sizes from the brief glance I had, must've been about £200 worth, new and being chucked...Daft.


Profligacy with materials and resources, one of my pet hates.

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The big British Heart Foundation in town would have taken it off you for nowt, not fussy them lot.

Manchester City Centre pal. The fucking oxfam on tib Street knocks back suits that aren't armani (this may not be true).

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BHF are a business and really fussy.. unless they can whack a decent amount on it, theyre not interested... if it doesn't sell in 4 weeks they tip it taking money from the charity.. big business...


Bolton hospice shop are always grateful


if money is involved its commercial waste, and you need a waste carriers license to move it, as you've rented out the flat, you've made money from them and that makes it commercial..it sucks but its true..


cheapest one is chadwicks at 160 per ton, minimum tip fee of 25 with no weighbridge fee.

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As an aside, this Hospice Shop, well I was down at Screwfix t'other day, and I was intrigued by said shop next door and went in for a gander...


Like Swanny says, they must take any old tat, loads of shite including electric fatso-mobiles, there were loads of piles of old LPs too, and old habits die hard I couldn't resist having a rummage seeing if there was any Strictly Rhythm white labels knocking about amid the Shakin' Stevens...Nah, just 80s popshite and dead former old fogeys' collections - including this one, sickened isn't the word...



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