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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

England V San Marino Betting


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BetBright offering 4/1 on an England win tonight for new customers, via @TheBettingBar on Twitter.



What's the maximum amount, £10?


hmmm, the way I've read it is, you get that price as a free bet, which you usually can't withdraw until you have gambled treble the amount 3 time or something stupid like that

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It's gone now anyway.


"Hi All,


We have now reached 500 new registrations and the offer is NOW CLOSED.


Can you please stop promoting it ASAP?


We hope to run more of these offers in the near future so please keep an eye on your emails for more details!


Kind Regards

Ciaran Griffin

BetBright Affiliate Manager"

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It's a non-withdrawable credit to your account, which has to be turned over before you get cash.


But there are ways of getting the bulk of that £40 back out relatively easily. It's only like Bonus bagging.

So if someone happened to be lucky and get in on it what would be the best way of getting their money out?


Asking for a mate.

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Doubt it came directly from PP.


It's an affiliate tracked link, which puts a marker on your account and is the easiest way of getting accounts restricted.


Never click through from an odds comparison site. Get the price from there, but open the bookies website yourself in a new tab.

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