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3 minutes ago, Marc505 said:

Leyton Orient have announced Justin Edinburgh has passed away, such sad news that only 49.

Fucking hell, that’s a shock, so young, poor feller.



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3 minutes ago, Roger_Dubuis said:

I think Van Dijk was booed because he is a world class player but a Scouse cunt. The other Scouse cunts on the pitch were ignored because they aren't the ones making the Scouse cunts a far better side.Liverpool are very unpopular among neutrals because their supporters are such horrible cunts.


This post is brought to you by the resident Man Utd fan 

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18 hours ago, Burndens Bogs said:

Jeysus wept BB, i dislike Man U as much as anyone, but when Beckhams free kick hit the back of the net against Greece i jumped so high i almost had to be scraped off the ceiling! - one of the best England moments in my life.

Some things are just bigger than any inter club rivalry.

I was at the opposite end in the ground from the Stretford where he scored, my mate laughed when he saw me emotionless :)

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I’ll admit it, I walked out the Stretford End singing there’s only one David Beckham after that goal.

That said, I have no problem at all with who anyone plays for when they have the three lions on. Same with most fans - on England duty, it’s all about the country.

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I couldn’t stand the arrogance of some of the United players with regards to when the National Anthem was played. Quite a few had no interest in singing it.

Most of the other players would belt it out with passion and get themselves pumped up for the game.

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How England didn't score today I'll never know, woodwork hit 3 times, another goal ruled out due to VAR and countless saves by Sommer, not bad at pens now at least.


 TAA can become as good as Beckham at crossing.


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