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4 minutes ago, bwfc2003 said:

As someone pointed out, he has now managed


Sheffield - Wednesday and United

Birmingham and Villa

Sunderland and Newcastle


Obviously doesnt buy into the loyalty element - what next Rangers and Celtic??

If they sacked him first then fuck loyalty

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how many times had we played them before gartside?

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7 hours ago, Duck Egg said:

It was half a dozen Leeds fans that nicked it off over 50 of Utds main lads. Pussys. Roger Dubuis must be fuming

Red Roger told me a very different tale when I bumped into him in Eccles Wetherspoons this morning. 

'They nicked the flag from scarfers, women and children but the Red Army Perth Division caught up with them shortly after that picture was taken. Needless to say, they had the last laugh.'

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