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4 minutes ago, Tonge moor green jacket said:


Millwall fans will be burning them in the streets!

Yeah couple of posts about how he did on purpose etc fucking goons about 

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19 hours ago, DazBob said:

Anyone know why Chelsea fans are making gay cooing noises to Llorente of Leeds? Doing my head in.

Incredibly rich of them also as a good number of them probably paid their way in life, in their late teens/early twenties, by renting out their bottoms outside King's Cross Station - renting out like a leisure provider might let a seaside pedalo, thirty 'sovs' an hour and protection must be worn always*.







* Meaning a lifejacket.

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Just now, gonzo said:

That good he could be the best attacking midfielder and defensive midfielder as well.

What a player. Hope spurs win the league.

Carragher was spot on with him as well when he said he’s one of the best passers in world football. 

Drops deep, gets it and just knows Son is on his bike, and he always finds him. Utter class

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3 minutes ago, Rudy said:

Best centre forward in world football

Definitely and like gonzo says can drop into midfield, still think Chelsea will finish higher myself but it certainly will be open this season 

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