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Dutch were flat-track bullies, no surprise they conceded against a half-competent forward line

de Boer's tactic after the red was seemingly to attack even more, when van Aanholt and Dumfries are up the other end of the pitch it's no surprise there's acres of space in behind them

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The Dutch were a bit poo, I still would have fancied the Czechs beating them regardless of the sending off. 

Our side of the bracket is opening up nicely, roll on tomorrow 

“i would love it if we beat them , love it”

- The Messiah Kevin Keegan

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I reckon that every side in our half of the draw will fancy they have a chance of getting to the final, it's wide open, and not much between any of them. You would expect, on paper, the winner of ENG v GER would make it, but the Danish are riding on a wave of emotion and adrenaline  at the minute, so it'll be interesting to see if that's enough to carry them through

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10 minutes ago, Tonge moor green jacket said:

Great game.

The Chelsea coach- clearly has game knowledge, but fuck me her accent is horrible.


I like her 👍

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2 hours ago, Francis Fogarty said:

Azpilicue'a, cen'aback, wa'er, they've go'a eb be'er.

Are there no 'Ts' in her house ?

Correct, stupid bint , stick to commenting on women’s football because no one will have to listen. 

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