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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

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1 hour ago, Leyther_Matt said:

Would love to see Little Whitt try to spell schadenfreude (took me a couple of attempts) 

He did actually type it correctly once.

Unfortunately, he was trying for the word schoolfriend

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6 minutes ago, Wanderlust said:

Preston fans packing out the Darwen End treated to a late diving header from their centre half to give them the lead with little time left. No fan of PNE but they're giving it large to the Rovers faithful.

PNE as irrelevant as accy. Love Blackburn getting done

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1 minute ago, Tonge moor green jacket said:

Ah fair enough then- your initial post had me thinking it was just overzealous application of new rules.

I didn’t think I’d given that impression.

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52 minutes ago, Dr. Feelgood said:

Only just clicked that Sheff Wed were in such a dire position. I knew things weren't going well and the Chairman has been having hissy-fits but Jeez.

P16, W1, D3, L12  GD -20 Pts 6.

9 pts from safety already.

Owlstalk is a treat at the moment. Meltdowns all over.

Something, something scha...? 😁

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Watched the Bayern game. Kane. Sharp as a tack, not just striking but all round play. Also watched the Juventus game. Surely the only challenge to Inter this season?

Need a PSV win tonight for our punters club bet to come in but, after a good day on the mokes yesterday, I decided to put on a juicy odds treble with odd amounts over round amounts in accounts. Wolves x Everton x Lazio. 28/1. Unsurprisingly, the Rome derby will be an even keener watch for me tonight. Suspect it will end in a draw but happy to have a 28/1 chance of winning in a 3 horse race!

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On 02/11/2023 at 08:27, radcliffe white said:

Won’t be long until you hear Man City’s old traffird is falling down song at our games 

Leeds were having a good go at it yesterday unti we replied

“Youre in same league as Rotherham.”

Probably not for long with the quality they have up top.

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