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10 minutes ago, Big E said:

Absolutely mental Stamford bridge ha 

Dreadful Chelsea!

Commentator going on about United being back as well, like they won't completely blow up again in a game or two's time.

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1 hour ago, RONNIE PHILLIPS said:

Don't think Poch is going to last much longer. 

Did well enough at spurs getting them into the CL regular but never rated him as a top manager which presumably is what Chelsea thought they were getting

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22 hours ago, Leyther_Matt said:

Don’t think QPR will have taken many, but a bit odd that they managed to have c11k home fans at the all-pay Wrexham game on Monday. 

Tickets were only £15 and £5 for U18s

And surely some Wrexham in home ends as they easily sold out the away end.

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2 hours ago, RUREADY2ROLL said:

Pleased with that

fuck the scousers 

For the supposed "best keeper in the Prem", that Allison makes some ridiculous errors.  I wouldn't swap him for Baxter, not because he doesn't make good saves, but because he makes absolutely basic errors, same as but not quite as bad as De Gea.  If we had a play off final I'd want a reliable keeper first and foremost, not one that can pull off an absolutely worldy every few games then gift a goal 2 weeks later.

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