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1 hour ago, Arrested development said:

I think derby being 7 points ahead of us would be a big psychological boost for them so I'm hoping Northampton can do us a favour. 

Yep called this the other week 7 points is a big swing, points in the bag over games in hand as we’ve found out

Fully expect Derby to grind a win out today

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5 hours ago, Biggish Dave said:

Derby have a few games where they could easily drop points after today.

However, if they are above us with 2 to play, they are up as they've got 6 points guaranteed - Cambridge & Carlisle

You would think so Dave but I remember some of our games against the likes of Bury and Chesterfield fully expecting to win and the nerves just grow and grow the longer it goes without a goal going in. Funny things happen at this time of year so let’s hope they do to Derby? 🙂

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2 hours ago, gonzo said:

Toal, Sheehan, Asthworth, Dion and Jones.

Big clump of players that tbf.


If we were playing today, Dion and Ashworth wouldn't be in the squad.

Yes I forgot Jones.  Would be happy with Forrester and as back up the Liverpool lad on loan (unless he's gone back?).

But I get why we aren't playing, just frustrating (and its Saturday, no football, its shit 😀).

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