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how many times had we played them before gartside?

That's a picture from the upcoming book "Camberwick Green Street" by Windy Miller. Excerpt: I remember one time me and Mr Caraway the fishmonger decided to teach those Trumpton cunts a lesson once a

Funny how your green and gold shit died a death when they started to win things again. Something similar kicks off again when they've now won fuck all for years. Strange how all those Sky Reds an

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Why are we arsed about Wigan, couple of seasons off playing em I've forgot they even had a chairman who broke his leg.


Shit away game, only better than Bury because they serve ale.


Interested in tomorrow's games because I want us to go up at Oldham!

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At least with Wigan winning, it gives the chicken botherers something to think about. They had written them off but now they have 2 places to avoid.


I hope Cloughy does us all a favour today and puts them bastards out of their misery. 3-0, Clough hat-trick

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Wigan are fucked, they have a tough run in.


The Wigan win didn't change anything for the dingles, the four point gap to Bristol city is still there. That's looking at it with a calm head though, I'm enjoying their despair. The six fingered inbred cunts.

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Lyon V Besiktas last night


20,000 away fans turned up and it all went off in the ground


They were chucking fireworks and flares at fans who legged it onto the pitch


Booting off everywhere



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Hell of a cameo from Nick Powell at Wigan.


The Munich cunt.


Didn't Utd sign him for £6M/£7M from Crewe, he was supposed to be a belter.......think he played about 5 times for them. A fantastic waste of money, not as good a waste of money as that Bebe they signed for about £10M though, now he was shit


Anyway, hopefully that Powell hat trick has given the Pies a bit of hope, that will be cruelly snatched away from them in the next few games. The set of cunt-spanners

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Turkey is half in Asian and we should kick the scum out of all European games

To be fair, Besiktas and Galatasaray are both in the European part of Istanbul.

I would rather teams in Russia be kicked out, mainly because of how racist the majority of their fans are

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Fleetwood, Sheffield, Scunthorpe, Millwall, Southend all winning, is anyone gonna help us out at all! For gods sake!!!


We've had results "going our way" for a few weeks now - we shouldn't need to rely on anybody else.


If we fuck it up from here, we don't deserve to go up

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