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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Liverpool 0 Wanderers 0


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A bit of a generalisation there.


Let's take an example like garrp. He's not got a season ticket, but goes to every game he can.

Goes to more away games than most of our fans, but might struggle to get one for this game.


As he lives/works in London, a season ticket isn't really going to work for him, but shouldn't he get one for this game?


On the other side of the coin re: season ticket holders.

It's a piss poor effort if these tickets go on open sale.

5,500 tickets between 12,000 season ticket holders and the club will drop you off, surely they should sell out?

Lad who i sit with lives in London and has a ST

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My mates in the ticket office now. They've just found out you can buy as many on line as you want, its all kicking off, wurthers & tartan blankets are flying around everywhere!

They've changed it online now. You need to assign client refs for each ticket.

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