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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Forest 4 Wanderers 1


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we need to score more goals and not let as many in. also someone sort the refs out, they are overly cheating and cocky. if we do that we ok.dirty tackles , get man on all the time, give no room and drink more ale. ok. stop starting and start stopping them in the box. head the ball. no toe bunging. I know it sounds funny but I just cant stand the pain.

Winner of the Post of 2015 for me.

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So the fact that we can label him a genius for beating shit teams. But then brush over the cracks when we keep getting dicked by 4 goals and beat by better teams.


But expect it all to be fixed during pre-season.


Baffles me.


We had 5 points from the first 11 games. I wouldn't expect that to happen next season would you?

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am I still pissed or reading this wrong? You threatend to jump out of a moving train to prove a point that you jibbed on the wrong train,I think this is the most stupidest things I've ever read on here

He's very lucky the poor woman didn't tell the police to section him.

Fucking hell fire.

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This woman. She wasn't concerned about inconveniencing other passengers or the financial implications, as a normal human she just didn't want you to come to any harm, you daft cunt. Personally, I'd have helped you out of the window.

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Do you know that


1 the £1000 fine is levied for dodging fares. I know you had a valid ticket but if it was for a specific train then you have dodged the date for the train you were on


2 all modern trains are fitted with CCTV cameras. The police may or may not bother putting the image through a facial recognition program.


3 those coppers you see at football matches taking video footage aren't just generally taking images of football supporters, they're compiling images for on the date base.


Now think again if tales of your exploits are a good idea.

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