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Qatar World Cup


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1 minute ago, Wanderlust said:

Also this from an idiot who can't count to 8:

Il va falloir être fort pour les deux prochains jours de néant absolu
Sinon si on bat les anglais pour moi mondial réussi, même si évidemment on veut le titre

Parmi les 8 équipes mon ordre de détestation

1. Angleterre (pas besoin d'expliquer)
2. Brésil (énormes rageux derrière leur joie de vivre mytho)
3. Portugal (en vrai je les aime bien mais je peux pas accepter CR7 champion du monde, même sur le banc)
4. Pays-Bas (sous peuple, mais ça reste des beaufs suceurs de barcelonais)
5. Croatie (rien à foutre d'eux mais un bon pays de merde historiquement)
6. Argentine (des idiots mais ils sont très loin, long déjà gagné et pour Messi)
7. Maroc (improbable mais ce serait a force de courage)


He omitted France

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Need to be strong for the next two days of absolute nothingness, but if we beat the English, for me it's a successful world cup, even if obviously we want the title.

From the 8 teams left, my order of hatred...

1. England (no need to explain)
2. Brazil (huge haters behind their alleged joie de vivre)
3. Portugal (in real life I like them but I can't accept Ronaldo as a world champion, even on the bench)
4. Netherlands (under-populated, but it's still Barcelona)
5. Croatia (don't give a fuck about them but a shitty country historically)
6. Argentina (idiots, but they are very far away, won it ages ago and for Messi)
7. Morocco (unlikely, but it would take courage)

France would be number 8 on his list of hatred if we were being pedantic, but I assumne he left them off because he doesn't hate them. I suppose he should have led with "Of the other 7 teams..."

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On 06/12/2022 at 18:50, Wanderlust said:

True - I could have - but this being a discussion forum for opinions I thought I'd express my opinion, not thinking it would spark a mass debate about archery and wild speculation about my political leanings - but seeing it has, mass debate away.

I see what you did there ;)

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2 hours ago, gonzo said:

Kyle Walker was brilliant yesterday in that press conference.


1 hour ago, bolty58 said:

He was but it is far more important that he is on the pitch for the next game.

Talk's cheap.

Both correct.

Still feel he'll get burned by Mbappe, though.

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love walker and he's our best right back without a doubt

but I think he's lost a yard of pace, he got run a few times against senegal

be interesting to see if we go 5 at the back, I think we might












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