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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Qatar World Cup


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so does the prem shut down?


what about teams in our league with 2 or 3 international players?

Is that "our league" now or when it happens? I doubt Conference North (or whatever the fuck it is now) will have many internationals. 

Still, talked to a Yank guy who is based out there a few weeks back, and he was adamant it won't happen.

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Fair dos, I've noticed that, stuff is hard to find these days, if you could remember a memorable phrase from a thread "hiding in the boot" or "heavy cummer with poor directional control" for example, you'd be apt to find any thread using Google, no longer the case now...


Is is Google or is it Wanderersways? Who knows?

Best to find of all time on WW is Isaac on his vasectomy: 


"Here's what happened.


Sunday 21.00 hrs shaved mi teds.

Monday 15.30 arrived @ Salford butchers for my op arter being told on the letter to arriv 15 mins before appointment time, with slippers, dressing gown, urine sample & shaved fuckin scrotum.

Monday 16.25 got taken into the surgery, to be met by the biggest fattest darkie bloke i've ever seen.

he introduces himself & asks for my urine sample.

I say "where d'ya want me to get undressed".

He says "for what".

I say "for the op"

He say's "this is just a pre op interview"

I say "you must be Jokin, don't say I've shaved mi nuts for nowt"

"I'm afraid so he say's.

Now after going redder than a London teletext manure fan.

we agreed that the op should take place on the 25th Nov this year.


Regads Isaac the thickestcuntthissidethemississippiriver.


toodle pip"

 don't say I've shaved mi nuts for nowt has to be the greatest line in WW history?!
And Google finds it!
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Thinking about it I'm not sure it's a bad thing


They will have to change the European season some how and it will be lock stock and barrel for all leagues otherwise the promotion / relegation pyramid won't work


I'd quite enjoy a full domestic season taking place in Spring / Summer. Fucking love a good away day in the sun but they are all too infrequent


I doesn't make great weather if your following England every 4 years, I bet it's not much fun throwing patio furniture in the snow


I think it will take off and they may see this as a good reason to change the season round for good

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Surely clubs wont allow their prized assets to fuck off and play internationals in the desert at temperatures of 50+ degrees at any time, let alone in the middle of the season.

With the usual exceptions of saying they are injured, not a lot they can do. And I can't see many players feigning injury to play for their club at the expense of missing out on a World Cup.

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53 minutes ago, Tonge moor green jacket said:


They breed well enough to say they're not supposed to go out together and enjoy themselves in pretty much any way.

Loud music and sounds too, so what happens when a team scores- a gentle round of applause?

Hard to clap with no hands.

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On 01/03/2015 at 15:59, little whitt said:

its 7 years away bet not many players who play now will be there

Just looked at a couple of squads from then, Kane and Sterling still knocking about. Ryan Mason and Phil Jones not so much.

Smalling getting games, probably deserves the chance more now than he did then!

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