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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Qatar World Cup


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1 minute ago, gonzo said:

Best player in the England team by an absolute country mile. 

Man City/Real Madrid the next step for him.

Midfield of 


26 minutes ago, gonzo said:

My team...














About right, but what kind of formation? Seems a few wide players?

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4231 tomorrow. Maguire and Stones at the back, the 3 are Saka/Mount/Sterling. 

Rice and Bellingham in the middle



I have my doubts about Maguire in a back 4 and I'd prefer Foden starting, but at least we have good options going forward against an Iran side that will presumably be very well-drilled at the back

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Group games if a 4 back


Trippier   Stones   Maguire     Shaw

                  Bellingham Rice

      Foden/Mount/Maddison(misses Iran)

Saka                    Kane                   Foden/Rashford

Foden can play LW or 10 but as to start, I would have Rashford or even Grealish over Sterling on this seasons form.

if 5 back


       White(until Walker) Stones Maguire/Dier 

TAA                                                                                Shaw

                  Bellingham                   Rice

 Saka                            Kane                                 Foden



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20 minutes ago, L/H White said:

I don't see him changing from a successful formation 


Trip Walker Stones Maguire Shaw

Bellingham Rice 

Sake Kane Foden 



Is Walker fit?

We’re pretty strong across the pitch, aside of central defence.

Will Trent get a go at some stage?

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13 minutes ago, globaldiver said:

Is Walker fit?

We’re pretty strong across the pitch, aside of central defence.

Will Trent get a go at some stage?

I'm not 100% sure if he's match fit, did read he'll definitely be involved in the group stage though, wether that's tomorrow or next week I'm not sure. 

Probably make a few cameo appearances, imagine trips has the spot nailed down 

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31 minutes ago, royal white said:

Would be interesting 



all the bullshit is coming from fifa. 

rainbow laces one week, dont drink its offensive to muslims the next, banning people on the sly. 

theyve took that many bribes from that many causes they cant keep their own story straight.

come home so the qataris bankrupt fifa

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3 hours ago, desperado said:

England: Gareth Southgate says players will take the knee before Iran World Cup 2022 match

Good on em

Yes! We have already won. Can cancel the entire competition now - we are officially the world champion virtue signallers.

Cry God for Harry, England and St. George Floyd!

We couldn't be heading for a repeat of 29th June 1950 could we?

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41 minutes ago, Dr. Feelgood said:

Not me mate. I pride myself on my mundane knowledge.

:D Not falling for that one mate. I have seen your recent posts.

To gear myself up for the World Cup I have been watching one of the All Or Nothing series on the Brazilian national team. Bit of a fan of Tite from when he managed Corintians and he features heavily in this series which was their journey to winning the last Copa America. A proper football coach with just one thing in focus - football.

I used to subscribe to Brian Glanvilles 'World Soccer' when I was a little un (started at 8 years old) and decided that this lot were my favourite Brazilian club - mainly because they played in the closest to BWFC colours! According to the documentary I have mentioned a few times on WWays (Brothers In Football), they now have 30 million supporters!

Anyway, I digress. I expect Tite and Brazil to go very close this time around. Their focus on all things football from every angle (fitness, diet, psychology etc.) is mind boggling. Even items you would class as minutae. BSA used to talk about that extra 0.5% and Brazil take it to a whole new level.

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Just had a look at the Iran squad and they’ve some decent players, the lad from Porto going to be a big threat, they are fifa ranked 20 in the world and manager is Carlos Quieroz, this isn’t the walkover we might think it is. I can easily see this being a score draw unless we’re at it from the off. 

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