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Qatar World Cup


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On 07/10/2022 at 03:22, Traf said:

No drinking, shagging, swearing or bumming.
How the fuck are they hosting a World Cup?

Forced marriages, female genital mutilation and child brides are OK, though?

Those bent cunts Platini and Blatter have a lot to answer for. This must have been the biggest bribery event in world history. The irony of FIFA constantly preaching on 'social issues' yet having the worlds greatest sporting event in a place like this.

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15 hours ago, gonzo said:


I got this final too.

If we finish top of the group - puts us against 2nd place in group A (which I had as Ecuador). Then I had us facing Mexico and Uruguay in the QF and SF. Then Brazil beat us in the final.

But I also did a second prediction that had us knocked out to France in the QF which I think is more likely to happen haha


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The thing is there's always a massive upset:


If you were betting your life on which teams finish 1st and 2nd of each group, you'd probably have it looking something like this.

But who knows? We might not get out of the groups and that might be the big early upset of the tournament.

Or there may be a couple of smaller ones like Croatia going out early and Canada taking their spot. While maybe Ghana get their revenge on Uruguay for the South Africa WC in 2010, when Suarez hand-balled the goal off the line got sent off, then Ghana missed the penalty and Uruguay went through.

Could also see Belgium potentially faltering as their golden generation is coming to an end. The only dead certs for qualification in my eyes are France, Brazil, Germany. I think all the rest of the bigger teams are vulnerable to an upset.

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20 hours ago, tomski said:

Exactly my thoughts. We get to the quarters.

I wouldn't discount Germany completely. They look ordinary at present but have an uncanny knack of getting it right for the main event.

Suspect that the Argies will win it but Brazil a big threat.

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Qatar won't win anything but England will win the virtue signalling. The FA we will defy FIFA and Kane will sport a one love armband. 

Who gives a fuck if we are on the first plane home? We'll have won no matter what the results of the football games are.

Arise Sir Gareth?

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