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Qatar World Cup


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1 hour ago, royal white said:


Wouldn't know where to start with this sentence. 

It's not the fault of the players. Clearly this comedian has no understanding of football - threat of a yellow card doesn't stop players fouling? The fuck is he on about. 

Been watching a few academy documentaries of late and whilst elite pro players are overpaid, I've much more sympathy for them, it's a brutal journey and a short career. They deserve to play, not get caught up in something that isn't their fault. 

We all know who's to blame. They should change to bands to No Fifa in Football for the next game. 


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32 minutes ago, Marc505 said:

Their time was 2016, been on the downward curve ever since.

Seen as everyone's invited to USA26 they'll be there too though. All the home nations will be I expect.

Although the 2026 WC is increasing from 32 to 48 teams, UEFA's allotted spots is only increasing from 13 to 16 teams. So still unlikely to be all the home nations in it....

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8 minutes ago, MancWanderer said:

Him and ITV are utter shite when it comes to football

Quite like Robson-Kanu though. Seems a decent pundit 

Must admit listening to McCoist and Champion in the previous match I was thinking how commentary on ITV was improving. They soon reverted to type with the Welsh game 

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6 minutes ago, Marc505 said:

Kin hell there will be some shite at that tournament then!

Allocations -


SOUTH AMERICA 6 (There's only 10 in total!)





There's also a play-off tournament which provides 2 more places as well. Although UEFA teams can't qualify for it.



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So far we're the only top team that have played in WC 2022.

I expected much more from the Dutch. They looked hopeless for most of the game, players didn't look arsed or well-drilled at all and thought Senegal played better to be honest.

The lack of quality in the USA v Wales game was stark after watching us thrash Iran, so I'm excited to see how some of other top teams play tomorrow, Argentina, France, even Denmark. That will give us a clearer idea of the level we are up against. I reckon Wales will massively up their game against us though to be fair and probably the US too, but having seen that shitshow we *should* be battering them like we did to Iran.

Don't usually like Jermaine Jenas' opinions but did think he had a point saying we should stick to 4-2-3-1 for the tournament. Gives us a good balance of 2 'holding midfielders' (even though Bellingham is more progressive), but with better link up play between the defence and attack. Having said that it was 'only Iran', and can't get too carried away. Far too easy letting in the first goal, but the penalty was utter bollocks, especially since Maguire got fouled worse and VAR did nish.

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5 minutes ago, Casino said:

Peru, chile, venezuala

The ones in qatar and who else?

 I guess Honduras are concacaf?

Colombia didn't qualify this year 

Concacaf already has 3 qualified with the hosts, so Panama and Jamaica probably along with Costa Rica

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Good to see England put that lot to the sword. Hopefully they will do the same against Wales.

The latter were lucky to get away with a draw I thought. Still, from the Dougie days we have to be able to pick out the positives. With England having romped home, a draw between these two was just about perfect from an England perspective.

More importantly, our good friend Big Eisteddfod won't be unhappy and disheartened this morning.

Regarding Iran, the FIFA rankings have been known to be fucking useless for around a decade. They had Belgium as number one for a long time. If someone can compile a list of trophies they have won, I would be interested to see it. Rating Iran as around 20th in League Two might have been more appropriate so no England fan should be getting too excited just yet. Save that for when they beat Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Spain etc. later in the competition.

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1 hour ago, L/H White said:

Not sure if it's been mentioned. But our worst ever manager, now has the most wins at international tournaments surpassing Alf Ramsey. 


When he's won something, I will listen to you.

Southgate out.

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