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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Qatar World Cup


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CR are making Spain look good and that isn't really telling us much about how Spain are under pressure but they appear to be contenders - we'll see when they are up against a more competitive team.

Thought the Japanese were outstanding - lots of kudos going to their strikers, but what a defence! - they were fantastic especially Endo who was like a Jack Russell on speed. Gave the Germans no time or space and got stuck into every tackle. Brilliant to watch.

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16 minutes ago, globaldiver said:

Do CR have the smallest population?

if so, you can tell.

Also, are they the only country in the competition without an army?

5m population he said earlier. Not huge for sure. 

I know they've no army, but I expected a bit of fight.

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22 minutes ago, L/H White said:

Japan beat costa rica on todays showing

would fancy spain get maximum points

likely germans exit at the group stage

bout to post the same

"for you ze vorld cup iz over"

speaking of which, noticed the german manager is called Herr Flick




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6 minutes ago, Didledee said:

Spain have been terrific and play dream like, but CR have been horrific, 0 shots, 0 anything.

6-0 and you'll not see an easier more one sided game this WC.

This is what happens when the golden generation gets old and the replacements play in the Costa Rica league

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