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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Qatar World Cup


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14 minutes ago, globaldiver said:

Hmm…he either wasn’t at his best, or he needs the quality of Man City around him.

He played like a pissed up pub player yesterday. They gave Modric the award in his game too. Think they're  just giving it to the most famous player.

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Enjoying Korea v Uruguay - some cracking players on show especially young Valverde from Real.

Always amazed me how Uruguay - a country with a population half the size of Scotland - has managed to win the WC twice and continues to produce a pipeline of classy players. And that twat Suarez.


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A brilliant 0 - 0 if that's possible.

Uruguay had all the big names that play in Europe but Korea's defence and overall workrate were phenomenal especially Hwang and Jung in midfield who were absolute ratters and were everywhere. Son wasn't up to his usual level but he is playing just after an operation.

No Kim's were booked in the process ;)

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1 hour ago, bwfc2003 said:

Pity one of the Argies didnt give him a shoeing - modern fuckin football !! - squeeling like a stuck pig

34 minutes ago, L/H White said:

Why would you want a young lad to get a shoeing?

Jealous much?

Lad’s famous for following the same team as we all do and because he’s invited to do a vlog from the World Cup finals he should get a kicking…


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