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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Qatar World Cup


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8 minutes ago, globaldiver said:

Bale and Modric for Spurs

Bale scored a belter in a night match against us at the Reebok.

As did Modric.

Two of the best ever goals against us. Although every goal against us is shit.


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16 minutes ago, BobyBrno said:

I saw Maradona at Wembley in 1980. No one can argue that he was world class. I’ve also seen George Best in his pomp. This may upset some people but Best was better. Don’t shoot the messenger. 

If you ever want to wind up a united fan tell em George Best was a poor man's Frankie Worthington. 

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12 minutes ago, royal white said:

How dare you! Maradona best ever for me. Didn’t George Best play in a legends match at Wembley before we played Torquay? 

Maybe. Saw him play for both United and Fulham. Was at the semi against Leeds in 69 at Burnden with some of my mates who were reds. Also met him at his club, Oscars, in Manc. 
His book, Blessed, is the best autobiography I’ve read.

I could have been a Red. I’m not. 😊

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2 hours ago, gonzo said:

You're not world class playing for Spurs, Lazio and Rangers.

2 hours ago, royal white said:

Don’t forget Everton, Middlesboro and Boston! 

But, but….

You forgot Burnley.

NOW he’s world class, hey? Hey?

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