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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Qatar World Cup


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10 minutes ago, Didledee said:

Unless they change mentality and playstyle, Poland have no chance v France, unless they play for 0-0 and penalties, because they offerd literally nothing in attack tonight.

The Jam Rolls will get pulverised by France, they are shocking.

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28 minutes ago, Burndens Bogs said:

Can’t believe Polands attitude in this game, they’ll only have themselves to blame if they go out.

Hope they do tbh.

I hope they somehow scab a win in next game v France so we play them in the quarters.

But there’s no chance of that if they perform like they did tonight - shocking.

To put it in perspective, it made Wales look good

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13 hours ago, DazBob said:

I've never been a huge fan either ... but ... he was an integral part of the Liverpool side that won the league and Klopp had every faith in him.  Sometimes one just has to accept a player is more important to a side than one can actually see.

Despite Southgate spending every waking hour thinking about gays and blacks rather than coaching his team, he's doing okay and I'm happy to put my trust in him, even though I don't necessarily agree with his selections at times.

I'll be waiting for you.

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6 hours ago, Sweep said:

The African nations are definitely a lot shitter than they were a decade ago or so, it's a shame, but I'm not sure we'll see anything other than European or South American teams winning, or even coming close to winning the WC in our lifetimes

Yes, agreed. Their problems will always be temperament related. Some fantastically athletic and skilful players mind. I always expect one or more to have a meltdown over a poor refereeing decision or similar. European or South American winners for a very long time yet.

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