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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Wanderers 1 Blackpool 1

Big E

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I do feel NL wil do a good job but I am sick of the changing of tactics and players we need to stick to 1 formation this is the championship not the champions league ffs!


He's clearly experimenting now for next season, seeing which gaps in the squad he needs to fill.


Only a catastrophic turn of events will even remotely threaten us with relegation. He might as well try out the young 'uns and some unfamiliar formations to see if anything works. It's frustrating for the fans, but honestly it's what needs to be done.

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in 45 years watching the whites thats got to be the worst derby game I've ever been to, not one player could give a fuck and if fans think it's a nothing game fuck off to old trafford and sit in corporate with there fingers up there arses

The 0-0 at Pride Park was awful.

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Yep,mentioned this to my boss yesterday.

In fact reminded him a couple of times :D


So really, it was a great derby match. We gave them hope that they could stay up for over 93 minutes and then snatched it from them at the death. That will have hurt them a LOT more than a crappy match hurt us.



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