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People keep saying lennon has no money, which is true to an etxtetnt, but signing madine, dobbie, heskey and ameobi who individually aren't on a fortune but collectively could have been the wages of one half decent striker that could of worked alongside clough and Clayton. Lennon has to accept the blame if he is choosing to sign players with poor scoring records and no potential. Also signing 2 right backs in the summer when we have vela who could be decent cover for the main right back is also another wage down the pan.

It's the same old argument about hindsight again


With regards to Madine there was plenty of us on here who thought he might be a great addition for free and small wages, I still think he's got a lot to offer if we can get someone up with him who can take the pressure off


Not sure what other strikers have gone for free to mid / lower level championship teams this summer and pulled up trees on low wages?


For the record Bristol City are 2 places / 2 points above us in the league and they had an £8m bid accepted for Andre Grey in the summer, that's what we are up against!!


But they have one person who is willing to lose millions of his own hard earned on a football club, we cobbled together a grand between the lot of us.

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When we were knocking balls up to Heskey and Madine against Birmingham - there were often no other Bolton players in the same half of the field. We could have had Didier Drogba in his pomp up front and he would have struggled to make anything decent out of it.

Indeedand it's been the problem all season whether it's madine or heskey as the target. No cunt getting on the second ball.

Although Drogba in his pomp was plenty good enough to make something for himself.

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We could have tried for a guy called Aaron Mooy. He seems to be playing well in the A-League.


I'm sure you realise he left Bolton 5 years ago.


But if Citeh have picked Brattan up on a technical free, and we've got him, that's as good as it gets currently.

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