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Here We Go - Itk Transfer Gossip


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How will it be fucking interesting


And if he is, what do you propose BWFC do about it?

That we have one of the highest paid players in the league on our bench!


Cant do owt, but i wouldnt of signed him in the first place

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It's just fucking relentless with that lot one thing after another, yes we are shit we get it. Get behind your team ffs. Wankers.

Exactly the reason I stopped going on there, can't tell what if any part of the club they actually like and support

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I don't know what relevance Hanley to Newcastle has to any potential ZC transfer fee

The point being the market is over hyped over priced and were possibly selling players with good potential for less than we were selling players 20 years ago and Hanley is a cart horse. It's not good business and we need to do good business. I however trust KA to do better deal than the previous owner.

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Zach Clough has had about 10 good games mounts and was either injured or ineffective throughout the whole of last season.


The boys got potential but Christ there's plenty in front of him.

Its only about 8 months since some people were saying we should be demanding at least £10M for Clough. I think Mounts even said he would be giving up on Bolton if we didnt get at least £4M for Clough.....I presume/hope hes changed his mind

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