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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Pdc Darts


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Currently in Matchplay at Blackpool at the moment.Earned almost £19k in 5 months and that's without winning a tour card.He's on twitter JoeMurnan180 if anyone wants to follow him. Top lad as well.He's played in the local leagues so sure few of you may have played him ????

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Joe won Challenge Tour event today in Wigan with a £2k cq.Won 1500 quid last week in Players Champ qualifier in Barnsley last weekend.Lad is a man in form.Be great if he can stay in qualifying spot for Matchplay in Blackpool.

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Well done to my mate Bolton's Joe Murnan winning his first PDC Pro tour event at Crawley today beating Van Der Voort,Stephen Bunting and Dave Chisnall in the final to win £10k and good chance of playing in Matchplay in Blackpool ????????

Is he a Wanderers fan? The answer to this question will tell me if I care or not.

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That Thai bloke in the qualifier was unreal. A blind mon with no onds would've been better. He went for treble 18 at one point and hit fat 13 smack in the middle. He wanted tops and landed above the actual number 20. His second dart was closer, landing in the middle of double 1. Then his attempt at double 19 was just below treble 3. Champagne stuff. Exhibition.


As Martin Amis put it in London Fields, 'Darts, darts, darts. Darts. Darts.'

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