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Reading Play Off Final

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And while I'm scanning stuff, look out for an original, somewhat vintage, scrawling toneet.

Often the big games are dissapointing this one though has to be my favourite game of all time after being out of the top flight for so long the elation was unbelievable the celebrations in town the ne

I remember it fondly, I was on my way out when they got awarded the penalty, only to sprint back to my seat when it was saved (I didn't even wait around to watch it, as I assumed it was going in and it was game over)

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Living in Reading it wasn't the worst day of my life supporting the whites!


Back to a boozer to meet the Reading lads, 8 of us weren't that welcome.


I thought they were mates.  Still talking about it now.

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Watched it on eurosport in the hotel at Disneyland Paris with my dad.

Much to my mother's disgust she dragged my brother out when the penalty was awarded to 'go round the place we'd spent so much bloody money going to in the first place'.

My mum's anger didn't matter by the end, me and my dad had celebratory milkshakes in the diner.

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Had shit seats down behind the goal as i'd left it to my mate to take care of the tickets. Got away really quickly and did a ton up all the way back after the final whistle and was drinking in the Balmoral by 7:30pm (KO was 2pm if i recall correctly.)

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Just remember looking at the clock every 2 mins in the 2nd half thinking we wouldn't do it


Remember going mental when defraitas equalised


Didn't even realised they'd scored at the end and thought it was 4-2 until I got home and saw the highlights


Went on a minibus with dave t and the bloke who owned the paki shop round the corner from ritzys, he brought along a load of cans to sell us, on the way home he nodded off so we went through a crate load of his castlemaine xxxx before he woke up

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With that team, it was nailed on that we had won as soon as Branagan saved that penalty. 


I was absolutely bladdered tbf in the cheap seats (benches) down behind the goal, there's nowt like being 2 down in no time and facing a penalty to sober you up though


Shame Rioch effectively resigned that day, if I remember right

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At the end it was a fantastic day but I was nearly thrown out or Wemberleeee when we were 2 nil down as I had a fall out with bloke behind and it almost came to fisticuffs.


For an extra point who did Reading beat in their semi final?

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