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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Change Of Owner?


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I said the other day all this was like a badly written soap opera. Wrong. It's more like a pantomime - 'there's a buyer behind you.', 'no, there isn't'. Etc etc


Whatever. This isn't the football club I've supported for 65 years. My passion & support are being stretched to breaking point.

Hopefully we are sailing into calmer waters maybe it will admin that will act as the break water when we can finally draw that line in the sand and start to go forward again.

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I don't know? If he is does that mean we can just go our separate ways without paying him off? Otherwise I suspect he'll still be our manager next season irrespective of what division were in.

I suspect it means whenever, IF we ever, give him the boot then we have to give him a 12 month pay-off.

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If this is true and I can imagine a lot of it being so


Heskey and a couple of others aside


Why would they sign those deals in July to turn the tap off come November?


They must have thought some investment was coming in surely - even if it was the sale of a bloody car park


Even Heskey taking 7k a week is fucking robbery

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