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Change Of Owner?


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The issue for me is such big wage funds being tossed to Freedman and (in Amos and Madine's cases) Lennon without any relegation clauses being inserted.


Could maybe understand Freedman seducing PG and ED in the previous Summer transfer window that we'd piss promotion after his eye catching late run the back end of the previous season, but the wages chucked at Trotter and Feeney, players rejected by one of the smallest clubs in the bottom half of the Championship, beggar belief.


In Lennon's case, surely the picture was clearer this Summer, as little had been made available last Jan, and therefore no sense in throwing such huge wages after Amos when we'd other pressing priorities and, FFS, Madine isn't worth a weekly wage with a nought taken off.  


Nixon's article, even if not 100% accurate highlights that our wage bill in League 1 will be bordering on ridiculous. As I live in the area and know at Oldham ST holder, I had sight of an article about their financial position the other day. There's a lot in it that would make those of us getting so exercised about our position take a step back and think it could be worse, but the stand-out thing was the sort of wages their players and management / coaching staff are on. If still with us next season (can't see how he wouldn't be), Trotter will earn as much in a week for trundling round as he does as their assistant  manager will earn in a year, while Madine's wages would buy you pretty much all their back four.           

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Heard from a completely reliable source today that the rumour about spearing not playing due to appearance bonuses in his contract is 100% true.

If that is the case (and I would think it quite likely) someone must have decided recently that they would put up the extra cash to play Spearing.

So who might do that?

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I know for a fact appearance bonuses are massive. A relative of mine who's on our books came off the bench a couple of times last season, and he basically earned an extra week's wages in 10 minutes. I've never met him mind, just heard through the family vine.

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Have we gone into administration yet?

Twitter said Monday!

We can't go into Administration whilst under a winding up petition, we had to do that within 7 days of the petition, that is long past.


We pay up by Monday, or get the new owners in to pay up, or we're fooked.


Simple as that.

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If we go into admin won't ED still be in charge of what happens as he is owed £180m thus making him the biggest creditor? He would get to appoint his own administrator (TB)


Think the only benefit to admin would be the writing off of some of the current losses so it's easier for other consortiums to take over with less cash required up front to keep the club going

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