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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Players Not Been Paid

Mounts Kipper

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It's not really a surprise, we know ED has turned to tap off, so this situation was always going to arise sooner or later, it's obvious.


Once this happens, then you're really in the cack, as I think players become free to leave......although I'm not sure how many of them we would really want to keep anyway.

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Assume timings down to the fact it's month end and it would have got out somehow, just managing the negative message in the best way they see possible


Not great though, this is when we start to owe multiple people at the same time, very dangerous situation


Although to force an administration I think you need something like more than 51% of your creditors to agree to force the matter. Whilst Eddie on paper is owed £180m he would still be the only one who could force anything

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Can the players now refuse to play? Can they walk from there contracts and could the player put us into Administration and a points deduction? Fucking hell its desperate.


They'd be cunts to do so. I doubt they're struggling to put food on the table and pay the bills! Assuming this is the first time its happened. If it keeps happening fair play to whatever they decide. 

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