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Cock.   I'm comparing two football clubs in the same position as each other.  Two clubs that need to adhere to the same rules set by the football authorities and two clubs that need to pay their bil

It's strange you slate Lennon so powerfully who's doing a job with little moral support or financial backing yet choose to defend the job done by Gartside which has brought us where we are today.

Cracking turnout from the team tonight... Spearing, Clough, Davies, Wheater, Dervite, Vela, Amos, Prince, Pisano, Moxey, Derik, Walker, Brattan, Casado, Pratley, Rachuba, Danns, Feeney, Madine, Wilson

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Court hearing for Winding Up Petition set for 18th January.





Haha, she was on 5Live this morning talking about abuse she's recieved, and they had to cut her off because she said "fucking paki bitch" on air! Really cheered me up on my drive to work  : :lol::

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i can only assume we have missed novembers payment on a pre-agreed payment plan, which was covered previous missed payments.


they wont like that...


but i still dont know what they are hoping to achieve...considering ED's debt.


unless the arrear are FAR bigger than we are being told..

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What a friggin' mess the BWFC top brass have got us in.


As far as I know the only options now are to either pay up the HMRC debt (and if it is old debt, then they'll probably want the lot) or go into administration quickly and get a CVA sorted out.  This will give the club a decent chance of avoiding being wound up but the impact on the football side of things is shite.


Like anyone else, I've no idea why HMRC would issue a winding up order as they would get nothing if the BWFC went to the wall, so they must have reached a point where they've just had enough over the past few months/years - not just the very recent stuff.


Got to get a move on to get into administration as this takes a while but there's no guarantee that a court would allow it anyway .... unless these new owners are just round the corner.  We can but hope.

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& that's the game changer complete! FFS!


Thought it would be early next week! They're not the sort of creditor to piss off.


I'm guessing We've been pissing them off for a while!





but theyre not the same issue they were til a couple of years ago

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So if we enter administration we get appointed administrators to start the process of sorting out all our creditor's, as Eddie Davies is owed the most presumably he tops the list although he has said he will waive these debts to any potential buyer, is this taken into account by the administrators or would his debts remain and therefore he would get what was owed to him (or a proportion of)?


Honestly don't believe he would let the club go to the wall so he could recoup some of his money but interested to know the process.


Conspiracy theorists will love that though!

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