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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Donald Dead Cat On Is Head Trump

little whitt

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14 minutes ago, Tonge moor green jacket said:

True, he's a nob though, so hardly surprising.

Folk over there should listen to the experts not him!


They believe everyone should be able to own fully automatic weapons. They’re idiots. 

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12 minutes ago, Carlos said:

I can’t believe it, mass grave in NYC, Trump talking about success. You can’t get through this with the power of positivity.

He was talking about starting to begin mining on the moon the other day. 

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31 minutes ago, tyldesley_white said:

Hes only worried about his TV ratings, not the 1000 dead a day

Will his popularity ratings go down now it’s 2,000 a day.

Any sign from over there that his popularity rating is going down? I’m sure that I read that last week it was it’s highest ever?

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I’ve just seen it again.

He honestly thinks antibiotics kill a virus. I’ve not misheard.

It’s the equivalent of Boris standing up and saying you can fix a broken leg with WD40 and spit.

Remember this next time anyone attempts to say he’s anything other than a fucking enormous skid mark.

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