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Gary Madine?


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Marc Iles@MarcIles 8m8 minutes ago


Gary Madine WILL be in the squad to face Burnley this weekend after apologising to manager Neil Lennon for what was said last Sat #bwfc


Fair enough. If he plays, let's hope he puts in a redeeming performance.

Fook Gary Madine, apology or not. The damage is already done. He's a petulant manchild & cnut.


The fact that He's a Shit footballer is irrelevant, under current circumstances, he had to be on that pitch Tuesday night, like it or not.


They'll be those that might argue, if we miss out on survival by 1 point, him missing at Brum may have been that difference needed. (not me, I think we're down, 42 points max)


So Fook Gary Madine & the rest of the Gary Madine ilk plying their trade as unprofessional footballers

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Tower just confirmed that he said a lot more than Fuck off


I think it was Henshaw, said if it was said to him he'd have "knocked him out"


Shows what a cunt Madine is

I assume he said what we were all thinking. It's just an indication for me that the players aren't behind him, the man commands no respect whatsoever.

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He was suspended on Tuesday.

He was in the squad today.

The manager chose not to start him.


If it was his conduct that was the reason for his omission from the starting XI, then he wouldnt have been on the bench.

If his conduct hasn't been poor he plays Tuesday


It's then more than likely he plays Saturday


No poor conduct - no issue

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